Pay For The Stay, Everything Else is Free by Valerie Brown Cheers

**I have a dream which will help with paying customers who travel and also could possibly help the airport not to be over populated with people lying on floors, sitting up in chairs, angry, etc.**
  • How would you like to stay at a place like this the next time you are at the airport waiting for a flight which may be delayed or even cancelled with incentives like these?
  • About The POD
›   24/7 reception
›   24-hour CCTV
›   Secure keycard access
›   Female-only PODs
›   Self-contained bathrooms
›   Self-service pantry
›   Shoe lockers
›   Personal lockers under PODs with convenient keycard access
›   Breakfast buffet (7am – 10.30am daily)
›   Nespresso coffee (Choice of 8 coffee blends)
›   Mineral water (one bottle per night)
›   Dry cleaning (one item per night)
›   Self-service laundry

Premium amenities: Towels, shampoo, shower gel, hairdryer

›   Self-contained toilets with basin and water closet separated from shower cubicle by a glass screen
›   Marble vanity against mirrored wall for quick wash or touch up
›   Complimentary soap and shampoo, use of hair dryer and iron
There are often times when we our flights may be delayed, cancelled, etc. and what do we do?

Does the airport offer to put us up in a hotel?

Do we have stipulations in our travel insurance which may or may not include lodging in circumstances which may arise during our travels?

Well, I have an idea which may just help cure this problem.

One of the main reasons for my choosing and for my passionate vision of the boutique & lifestyle hotels was because of the many visions which I saw we can globally benefit from their trendiness, being small, sanand other ways of utilizing their uniqueness, and awareness!.

One in particular idea begins is with our airports nationally and eventually globally!

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had Pod hotels in all airports, and would it not be nice to be the one who comes up with this major game plan for this to happen in our near future?

The airport could partner with the Pod hotel owners, stakeholders, suppliers,  and all would work with travel agents in particular and pay great commissions or could work directly with Travel Insurance, host agencies, consortiums, etc.

I know when I was a flight attendant, we stayed in a hotel which was the first of its kind back then in Memphis, and we could see how the hotel in the airport works from Memphis Regional Airport.

Now, I don’t know if it makes a difference being regional or international, but will find out and follow up with.

I got the idea from the Singapore CBD Hotels and their use of the Pod Hotel!

If travel agencies could be part of this too it would be great and the Pod hotels could be just like when a travel agent books a brand or boutique hotel and would get commission for booking.  This could be a perk which could also work sort of like a back up plan for paying customer.

An even greater idea would be that the Pod Hotels would work indirectly with Air Travel Insurance companies too, just in case something were to happen when it comes to the clients flight plans.

This would go over very well in places with weather conditions, all year round like ski locations and also during winter months when flights are cancelled or even delayed.

It would be a good way for clients to book cheaper flights at different times, which without the Pod Hotel would have to sleep in a seat at the airport!

This way paying customer would have a place to sleep, shower, be safe, and conveniently at the airport already so not to miss their flights.  The Pod Hotels would come with free breakfast, but their price would a bit high, but what would be the difference with the high prices of food at the airport.

Just think about it, how this would and could ease many flying customers minds. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to know that if your flight is cancelled that you booked a Pod Hotel in advance!

There could be many ways to market these Pod Hotels and there could even be a way to barter, say you don’t need the Pod Hotel and somebody else’s flight gets cancelled and they did not book a Pod Hotel, well you could make a deal with that individual yourself, so this way you don’t lose your money you paid for booking it!

Always thinking of ways to better help our paying customers travelling and think the Pod Hotel would an excellent way and also could be considered as sustainable too!

Here is what you would get when staying at the Singapore CBD Hotels:

Live The POD


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