Haha by Valerie Brown Cheers

“Having one of those days and you just don’t know what to say or do?”

Well Haha is here to tell “Shout it out Haha………. as loud as you can!”

Bet you end up laughing at yourself!!!!

Haha is a way of thinking to keep you from going complete bonkers. It is a form of intelligence to be able to laugh  at oneself and say it is going to be okay as well!

“Everytime you get upset or disgusted shout out loud Haha!”

It is a loud form of laughing and you will get it once you shout Haha!

“Once and then and most definitely we must be able to laugh at oneself.”

You will probably sound like a bird cawking…….Haha out loud!

Haha has found out that music, lyrics and just all songs have wonderful cleansing powers.

Music helps us to help ourselves and just try it and type in any way that you may be feeling!

“For example…..go to YouTube and type in “missing my baby” and all genres of music singing something about that topic will come up.”

Haha chose Selena, “Missing My Baby.”

Guess what and now you can either listen, get happy or have a Haha day?

“If you are sad right now, remember, shout out Haha very loud!”

You could be missing some thing or somebody and Haha reassures you music helps.

Songs and music’s lyrics reminds Haha of the good ole days and simply got to say “Music feels damn good when you really missing somebody.”

Haha also says that “It feels good too to your mind, heart and soul.”

Okay, enough of Haha and let’s get to the music.

“Let’s learn what music can do for us and we love all music and all genres are medicines for different kinds of ailments.”

Haha, Its funny how the world works, Yes…it really is isn’t it Haha?


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