“Haha moments are moments which we may just have to start over and cleanse our minds and just shout out really loud, Haha!”

“You will surely laugh at yourself for you may sound like a bird cawking or something and it is really funny too!”

“Have you just been sick and tired of explaining things to yourself?”

“Well, am going to share a story with you about a friend who has been in college so long that she should have her PhD by now, but doesn’t?”

“She is definitely having a Haha moment and just needs to shout out “Haha as loud as she can!”

“What the deal is that when my friend first went back to community college, she made sure that she would get her prereqs out of the way so when entered 4 year institution those hard subjects would be taken care?”

“Well, it looks like that she is having a time of it proving that she did take math requirements before leaving and she thought this is why she was accepted into the Public Policy program at Saint Louis University!”

“Well, she then left SLU and went to NAU studying Organizational Leadership, which is distance learning classes and instead of semesters, she did quarters which were not only extensive but very accelerated.”

“So, in other words when others are done with their semester, her quarters were starting weeks after you finished your semester classes and you only got maybe a week or so off before continuing the new and next quarter!”

“It was not only accelerating classes but mostly writing and you had to stay very focused to keep your grades up!”

“She had gotten to the point that school was starting to make her sick, so she decided to stop all together and focus on her passions which was entreprenaurship, writing, innovation and just basically doing things she loved.”

“Sometimes we must know how to step back from things which tire us out mentally & physically, and in her case would not benefit us when we get out into the real world.”

“She was very appreciative for if it had not been for going back to school, she may not have been as motivated as she was about creating and making her dreams come true.”

“As my friend was moving along, she began to notice that things which she thought were passions were beginning to  move out of the way for new things God had put into her life which she did not even know she had a calling!”

“You see this friend of mine had always been a dreamer, even as chld for making things happen or inventions and so she began focusing on ideas which she would try to get patented and eventually actually even marketed globally.”

“This is what she began to do, but the thing she had to do most was to have faith that God was handling everything and she was exactly where she was suppose to be at this very moment for His reasons and not hers and to leave her past back where it is was!”

“So, my friends Haha moment got much better and she just left the past alone and moved on with new, bigger and better things which God was showing to her that she needed to concentrate on.”

“Now, we say to my friend it is okay to say Haha out loud, and it is such a wonderful feeling to laugh at oneself, for without a Haha moment we would not have ways of improving ourselves.”

“Oh!  By the way, my friend officially was completely done with college, and even though she loved learning she found out that she did not have to be confined to college to do this, so she moved on with her life working hard at callings, which she was so much better at and is work in progress waiting to happen! ”  Yeah 😉 😉

“Good luck to our friend and we hope that all of her dreams come true and so glad to hear that she gave up college and in her case, it was good that she started and had to learn how to put her past where it is, IN THE PAST and know when to leave it alone!”

Go ahead and have a Haha shout out!  😉  


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