Haha by Valerie Brown Cheers

“Haha means you are so sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

“So….what you do is yell out as loud as you can Haha!”

“More than likely you will begin to laugh at yourself cause you sound like a fricken hawk or something.”

“It feels so good to laugh at oneself and does wonders for the spirit and soul cleanser.”

“Well…..let’s see what we got to speak on today?”

“How about wise words about wearing a backpack properly and not only wearing properly, there has to be one to purchase which protects the most important part of our body which needs the most protection.”

“Anybody know what part that is?”

“Will give you a hint…..and is the part right below the back of our heads which nobody really talks about a lot.”

“This part of our neck is L1-L5 which is the lumbar region.”

“The lumbar spine refers to the lower back, where the spine curves inward toward the abdomen. It starts about five or six inches below the shoulder blades, and connects with the thoracic spine at the top and extends downward to the sacral spine.”

“To begin with a backpack should be chosen that fits your child’s frame and our Go Green Backpacks will be like going to get fitted for a wedding dress and the Go Green Backpack cares about our children and want to help them, not hurt their little backs from becoming injured.”

“You see this boy and his backpack? Well, Design by Val Go Green Backpack will have a neck protection system which will protect your neck and not left alone like this little boy is which eventually from the pulling will cause back problems.”

“This video illustrates the anatomy in the lower spine and how anatomical problems can cause back pain or sciatica.”


“In order to prevent back & neck problems or even injury, they must be not only carried properly but be built to protect the lumbar region L1-L5 and this is what Design by Val Go Green Backpack will be and do for all who wear and with the built on Necprotech Neck Protection system will help with those who spend a lot of tiem looking up! It will support the weight of your head and protect your neck so the pressure on your neck is greatly reduced while you’re working overhead, saving your neck from pain, strain and long term problems supporting the head and neck which will have a sturdy upper body harness which will help maintain good posture.”


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