HaHa “Travelzheimers” by Valerie Brown Cheers

“Have you ever just been sick and tired of being sick and tired?”

“Well…..sometimes it is just good to shout out really loud…Haha!” 😉

“Nine times out of ten….you will laugh at yourself and it feels so good to laugh at oneself.”

“I know a disease nobody would mind catching and we will call it Travelzheimer’s.”

“Anyway….let’s discuss the benefits of travel and why travelling can improve our health especially.”

“Did you know that travel could actually lead to accelerating our knowledge also?”

“Travel can also help lower stress and is also a stress release for improving job productivity.”

“Wow….super huh?”

Wouldn’t it be something if corporations would use travel as work productivity stress relievers.”

“Travel can even be a healer for repairing relationships.”

“Bet you did not even know this, huh?”

“And…. travel might just be what the doctor did not order and can heal our hearts too.”

“After all……. the heart is the leader of our body…..and without it…we have no life at all!”

“Did you know that the number one killer amongst men and women is heart disease?”

“Everyone loves to travel and a person who does not from this planet.” 😉 lol

“We make excuses from what we see and hear in mass media, but have you ever just once been interested in just doing it  and going to some of the places which the media negatively speak about?”

“Just maybe these are the places which we need to visit and see and get our own opinions for our own selves?”

“Travel is characteristically a learning background. The new and different cultures we may not be accustomed to are ways of not being afraid of change.”

“Learning new cooking styles or techniques and trying new foods and especially when they help with our well-being, aren’t they worth trying?”

“Just seeing all the new and beautiful sights we see all of the time in magazines  and visiting museums and learning new things about others history.”

“There is so much to learn which will take a lifetime or more and by travelling allows you to get that experience and learn and gain some new and useful knowledge to bring back home and share with others, especially our grandchildren.”

“Essentially being in another nation expands the voyager’s learning and intercultural mindfulness.”

“Then again, head out additionally helps understudy to take in more and all the more adequately. Studies show understudy who travel win preferable evaluations over their associates who stay at home.”

“These understudy likewise have more grounded scholarly hobbies and more individual certainty, particularly through our school years things which we may have read but often wondered if it were true.”

“Without a doubt, students who voyaged abroad were twice as prone to finish a professional education, and they at last earned a 40% higher pay than their non-voyaging associates.”

“Have travel better work could mean lots of different things and these are just a few of our ideas: (1) travel can boost employees moral and make them more productive in work, (2) travel can boost a writer and give them all the more to write about when they see the world with all of the beautiful people in it (3) travel can help our kids and give them a different sense and outlook on life by experiencing how the other half of the world lives and smiles (4) and travel is such a healer and helps us to look forward and appreciate  how blessed we truly are!”

“Vacation and unwinding go as an inseparable unit. Everybody needs time far from the workplace to restore, and studies have demonstrated that travel does without a doubt diminish stress.”

” Essentially travel does diminish stress promptly, as well as enhances our capacity to handle stress long after we return home.”

“Prominently, studies have exhibited diminished anxiety levels in travel construct with respect to subjective self-reports, as well as have experimentally shown the anxiety decreasing force of go by measuring lower levels of anxiety hormones in the salivation of study members.”

“The advantages of travel and the subsequent explorer’s high reach out into the work environment too. Representatives who travel have lower rates of absenteeism, higher profitability levels, and by and large report understanding less stress than their colleagues who don’t take trips.”

“Travel can be a lifelong way of leaving memories for our generations to come also!”

“Couples are strongly and positively impacted by trips taken together; 75% of adults credit travel with improving their interpersonal relationships.”

“Additionally, studies have shown that family travel can do more than just improve relationships and provide lifelong memories; it can also significantly reduce behavioral problems and illness in children.”

“Yes, travel can be a method to our own illness and disease madness.”

“Now….you may say I am being bias, but these are facts often forgotten about and quite positive ones.”

“Here is maybe the most convincing reason of all to add additional go to your calendar: travel has been connected to a lower danger of coronary illness.”

“For instance, a nine-year investigation of 12,000 moderately aged men found that men who took no less than one excursion for every year were 30% more averse to kick the bucket from coronary illness than their non-voyaging associates.”

“Also, the Framingham Heart study demonstrated that among 750 ladies, the individuals who took no get-aways were twice as prone to endure a heart assault as the individuals who ventured to every part of the most.”

“Travel is additionally connected to a lower danger of depression; a recent report prove the connection in the middle of travel and essentially diminished danger of despondency among 15,000 ladies.”

“Wow…..pretty amazing huh?”

“Travel is beneficial for you for incalculable reasons, however so as to get the most out of your excursion, staying solid is an absolute necessity!”

“So…… as to ensure your wellbeing abroad, verify you are forward on the majority of your routine and nation particular inoculations, and make certain to timetable an interview with a Travel Medicine Specialist to go over bug borne malady safeguards, nourishment and water security tips, and a large group of different issues that can emerge contingent upon your destination of decision.”

“So….check out and with proper pre-trip planning and preventative measures, improves learning, happiness, relationships, and health. So, what are you waiting for… plan your next trip today!”

“This is where the travel agent comes in very handy and they will make sure your trip’s preplanned and researched thoroughly beforehand.”

“Happy Travels and don’t forget to shout it out really loud and have a laugh at yourself…..Haha 😉

“May you all catch “Travelzheimer’s” and let’s pray it become contagious and heals the world..”

 “We must take adventures in order to know where we truly belong.” – Joseph Campbell




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