Haha “Balls of Steel” by Valerie Brown Cheers

“Balls of steel aren’t the only things required on the road to production. Patience is paramount.”

“Yesssssss….having a Haha day right now and about to shout it out as loud as I can!”

“You ever have one of those days where you are just sick and tired of being sick and tired?”

“Well….we all of us do and if you say you don’t you are normal and so not cool at all.” lol 😉

“Sometimes it does us good to just shout out  loud…… Haha and it is okay to sound like a bird….cause if you say it out loud and really loud…….this is exactly what you sound like is a bird cawking!” lol 🙂

“Anyway, do you know somebody who has balls of steel?”

“Do you know somebody who no matter what pretends to be okay all of the time…..when they aren’t?”

“This is why it is so good to laugh at oneself and shout it out, “Haha!” lol

“You have to be a special kind of person who has patience!”

“Just having patience is not what it is cut out to be at all.”

“There are many hidden agendas which come with being patient.”

“Being patient is a piece of cake compared to the not giving up part which comes along with it if you like what you do in life.”

“You know…….. it takes a really big person to have balls of steel!”

“Balls of steel are not the only things required on the road to production!”

“Guess what is?”

“Patience is paramount!” 😉

“I’m not discussing the persistence needed to sit tight and wait for ole Saint Nick!”

“I mean the kind that places ties in your stomach and alarms the damnation out of you, knowing you could truly be cheated or even screwed!” 😦

“Yet, notwithstanding that trepidation, you acknowledge there is no other choice than being patient.”

“I’m alluding to the sort of persistence obliged when you compose without an agreement.”

“Remember…..we are only speaking of what we don’t see….but it does not mean that because what we don’t see it is not there…….sometimes seeing is also not believing…. but anyway….

“No papers. No legal advisors….at least that . No container of champagne popping. Only dreams. That is the means by which we rolled.” lol

“This sort of tolerance and trust takes enormous balls… and a little madness to go along with it…… and this is where the Haha moments come into play.”

“We had to find a method to our own madness and Haha moments is what the doctor ordered helps to make us laugh at ourself.”

“You know……you got to keep laughter in your life to keep from crying!.”

“So the next time you feel like giving up or even quitting……..DON’T and just shout it out!”

“Haha…….as loud as you can and it is okay to laugh at oneself……. and it is even funnier when we laugh at ourselves out loud.”

“Have a great Haha day and don’t forget to laugh at yourself!” 😉 😉 ❤

P.S. “It is okay to wait and wait and wait and wait………especially if you believe in yourself!  And if you have those who love you around you……all the more to wait and wait and wait……One day, it will all make sense and I will let you know when it does”! Haha 😉 !!


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