HaHa “Music 101” by Valerie Brown Cheers

music class

“Having a Haha moment and sick and tired of being sick and tired!”

“Have you ever just laughed at yourself from talking with oneself?”

“Well….it is quite okay to laugh at ourselves.”

“Having a music moment along with a Haha moment.”

“Where would we be without music?”

“I love music and all music is my favorite.” ~ Valerie J Brown

“Here is what music means to our brains.”

“Science has shown that when children learn to play music, their brains begin to hear and process sounds that they couldn’t otherwise hear. This helps them develop “neurophysiological distinction” between certain sounds that can aid in literacy, which can translate into improved academic results for kids.”

“Everybody is different and we must listen to our own bodies and different bodies, different music means different things to our bodies depending on our peace within.”

“Can you write or read with music?”

“I’m a major enthusiast of music, and utilization it a great deal when working, yet I had no clue about how it truly influences our brains and bodies. Since music is such a major piece of our lives, I thought it would be fascinating and valuable to observe a portion of the ways we respond to it without notwithstanding figuring it out.”

“Without music, life would be a mistake” —Friedrich Nietzsche

“Obviously, music influences various regions of the cerebrum, as should be obvious in the picture beneath, so we’re just touching the most superficial layer with this post, however how about we hop in!”

“Let’s have some fun and take look at different kinds of music and the moods and what they do for most of us!”

R&B Personally, I define R&B as being simply soulful. I see it personified as an ageless artist, forever painting the dreams of the emotions (those of the songwriter, the audience, and even those of seemingly inanimate things such as a city, etc.) in song. For instance, Gerald Levert’s duet with Antoinette Roberson “Taking Everything” was just full of emotion just like many of his other songs. Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On” told a story of even today, the lyrics hold truth and an artist way before his time, still lives through his incredible music and lyrics right not at this moment today!

Jazz never makes me sad! Jazz inspires me or at least makes me feel better (like the blues can and does too), or even makes me happy and we become those instruments being played and even though we may not be able to play, with jazz we can with our minds and our souls and those instruments take you somewhere like no other music ever can or has! Even the most painful solo from a sax player (who hurt this man?) will and can overwhelm with good vibes! Jazz, to me is good music to listen to on a rainy day and makes the day so much brighter and it is like those instruments are the sun and the artist’s shine with the sun’s glow of such an amazing groove which is this most incredible feeling ever!  Jazz makes you feel nostalgic and takes you back, way back to a time when Jazz was the thing and to be a part of the scene was being in a jazz club no matter what age you could get away with being there! I love it because even though was not born during the era of my most favorites, i.e Miles, Cab Calloway, etc. it seems like I was there taking a trip through the recesses of your mind or other worlds.

Funk Can not be explained in one word, yet no music really can, but many kinds of music involve funk and may get disagreement with this but my explaining would be that funk tells a story and deep logical premise, i.e. James Brown, Parliament Funkdelic, George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, etc.  Funk is a music genre that originated in the mid to late 1960s when African-American musicians created a rhythmic, danceable new form of music through a mixture of soulmusic, jazz, and R&B. Funk de-emphasizes melody and harmony and brings a strong rhythmic groove of electric bass and drums to the foreground [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Funk] To me funk makes you feel, hear and calls for discussion of the instruments how played by the various artists, etc. One song can be played by many different artist, yet still basically sound the same, but when you know Funk, and get to know the artist, you can almost tell who is to be identified with the instrument.

Blues In case you’re feeling somewhat anxious or restless, you may need to listen to soul. It may sound irrational since soul are… well… blue, however this cadence of music can moderate your heart rate a little and cool you.

Rock & Punk These lively styles of music can help your inclination levels in the event that you let it. On the off-chance that you appreciate it, shake and punk music can give you an adrenaline and jolt of energy.

Reggae  Reggae is one of the sorts of music classifications that can naturally chill you out. Some say reggae music is in view of the musicality of the solid human heart very still. Reggae icon, Bob Marley’s messages of universal love is being brought back around even today and such poetic inspiration for all ages!  For those who don’t know much about the late Jamaican reggae crooner, it may be surprising to see a children’s musical inspired by his message.

Love Songs  Not highly recommended when missing somebody, but if good lyrics could soothe the soul and mind too! lol 😉 Love songs can be all genre of music and lots has lyrics which can be the message even with no song being sung.

Classic  Great music for studying, reading, just unwinding and excellent for calming a whining baby. Classical music is and will be around forever and so incredible for healing with its incredible healing power from centuries ago! It heals the soul, body and great therapy for the mind for all ages and even animals are even calmed to classical music!

Rap & Hip Hop This kind can modify your state of mind in a couple of routes relying upon the tune’s verses, beat and general message. Rap melodies frequently advance annoyance, misogyny and viciousness, yet a few individuals say that rap unwinds them. Possibly keep away from ‘gangsta rap’ and pick something with more cognizant verses and positive, but there are messages I have found that must thoroughly give them a chance and listen!

Overwhelming Heavy Metal These normally forceful verses and songs can positively have specific negative consequences for your temperament. In any case, similar to rap and hip bounce, everybody is distinctive and some may contend that individuals who listen to substantial metal music have higher self-regard.

Country I love this music and can get the same effect as the blues, often with beautiful lyrics with such meaningful love stories getting straight and right to the point, although can be quite depressing too if you miss somebody or just broke up with somebody! lol

New Age New Age is largely instrumental with a variety of instruments and sounds from all over the world. Listening to new age music brings about a sense of tranquility and is excellent for meditation and relaxation.

Broadway or Movie Soundtracks Love listening to music from movie scores or soundtracks and there is so much different genres and inspiration plays a big part of this music and you would be surprised what music is played in movies. I often take a pen and paper and write down or read the credits at the end of the movie that don’t go to fast!  The love songs can be good comfort to the soul and mind and love listening to music soundtracks over and over again. lol

Latino  Latino music is a definite energy booster. Whether it’s a hard day at the office or an overall sense of exhaustion, Latino tunes can effectively eliminate symptoms of fatigue. Latino music is also good for exercising or just moving right in your seat where you sit. I love Latino how the music puts you in an elevated state of wanting to move always! Very rare sad Latino music unless you are listening to love songs or foreign Latino music!

Disco  This word just makes me think of Donna Summer anytime I hear the word disco! This music also makes you want to get out of your seat or even move while sitting, but mostly will make you want to get up and move to the disco beat groove! It is a great start for a new day and what a beginning it gives the soul, body and mind!   Disco is also good for exercising too. All music is good for exercising no matter what the beat is and exercising on the floor on the feet, on the floor on a mat, in the bed if you are doing therapy and also sitting can exercise too while at work or just at the desk can groove to the disco beat too!

Meditation  Save the best for last and there is so much meditation music nowadays for all kinds of illnesses, disease, etc. and technically meditation may not be on the list of different music genres, but by listening to meditative music, you can reduce stress levels and anxiety while increasing a sense of tranquility and overall relaxation. Let out a little om along with it and you’ll be blissed out in no time.  Also, an excellent for fussy baby too and even while in the car relaxes you and baby while driving so when get home, baby will rest easy as you nap too!  Meditation is also good for to be mother’s and allowing your unborn baby to listen to soothing meditation music, be it classic or whatever helps relax baby and mother too!

“Most of all music is essential for learning and why it was taken away from many schools in the United States is very puzzling. Music also helps with many kid diseases such as ADD or ADHD and there is proven fact which shows improvement with our children by listening to music.  Music is also good for the elder and helps with memory loss and would be a good tool to be used in nursing homes, but we the family of our loved ones must be the ones to make this happen not only for our loved ones, but all elders! Pain does not like music and can help with nerve pain, headaches, migraines, etc. Music is being studied showing that also helps with unborn child and can also help mother to have a much easier delivery too! ”

“Music is a force to reckoned with and has been pulled out of the schools in the United States, and even made fun of by many and even called crazy in believing it to be a cure for healing as/or therapy!”

“What could possibly hurt trying something to see if it will help and we have begun in the United States taking our lives into our own hands and not only talking about but implementing many ways for utilizing music as a healing remedy and therapy!”

Chipper for Music

“Music is an inherent part of our nature and who we are in so many ways. Our experiences with music start in early childhood and unquestionably last a lifetime. Extensive research has shown lately that exposing children to music stimulates their overall intelligence and emotional development. Having children listen to different types of music also nurtures their self-esteem while encouraging creativity, self-confidence and curiosity.”




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