Making It Happen by Valerie Brown Cheers

“You must believe it to achieve it!”

“Most of the time we want but we must believe it to receive it.”

“We don’t become what we want and much of the time we won’t get what we want either.”

“We have to act as though we are there already there and want it more than anything else in this world.”

“Claim it as yours and achieve it like you do really believe it as yours.”

“You work and work and you won’t have it at first, but you still have to work like you are already a success story.”

“This is where the believing to achieve it come into play.”

“If we have the faith of a mustard seed you can move mountains and anything is possible.”

“What do you believe?

“Do you believe you are worthy of happiness, success, comfort, peace, joy and love and do you believe that they are a part of your birthright, like Oprah Winfrey stated?”

“I love being different and being different can be a blessing in tself…… and you have this courage that comes from this incredible spirit which we so desire and were born with from the universe.”

“I love working with many people and love treating others the way I want to be treated all of the time.”

“Since a kid had big ideas and dreams and always thought that I had plenty of time to pursue these things….not knowing that even at an early age    I could have went for them.”

“But… is never too late to pursue your dreams!”

“So now at age 61……pumped up..motivated….go to bed thinking about inventing…wake up thinking about inventing…. and live for making better ways that can help make our universe a better place for our children to be entitled to greater well-being from our Design by Val Go Green Backpack.”

“God blessed me to be born with degenerative disease, therefore, I do believe that my idea of Design by Val Go Green Products will become a reality very soon and it will help others who need their neck protected at all times..”

“I went and found the best products made to be included into something which everyone needs at one point in their life….and that is a backpack but not only will be a backpack, but it will help with our posture and keep that neck protected from eventually causing lumbar problems by protecting that C1-C5 area of the neck.”

“We all can use something to carry our personal things which will alleviate us having to carry on our arms or hands……which we don’t have to put pressure onto our bodies causing pain to our backs and eventually spine….so this is when I came up with the idea of the Design by Val Go Green Neck Protector Backpack.”

“I found a protocol which was used for soldiers during the Civil War which was called a knapsack and was the closest to what I wanted for my backpack and that is to protect that neck and posture while being on your feet for long periods of time.”

“This backpack specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 37,893, dated March 17, 1863 designed by DeWitt Clinton Baxter and was the skeleton type protocol……which I would use for my backpack, but only using recyclable materials and much lighter for our children and everyone carrying protecting our neck and back.”

“Now remember this is just my dream and my project managers are the ones who will take what I have given to them and make this project work and become a real product.”

“I just feel really good about this whole project and have many more ideas for our children Design by Val Go Green Products.”

“You just have to do it and cannot just talk about it, but you have to put it down on paper and explain why you believe your dream should become a real product or reality for helping our world.”

“This will not be your ordinary backpack…. but will be the very first of its kind with a neck protector, massagers and the massagers can be removed and used for all our body parts relieving stress with pockets to carry your iPod also.”

“I just wanted to encourage those of you who have ideas to use them or you will lose them.”

“Make them yours even though they are only a dream and put them out there for others to see and if good enough somebody will help you.”

“Most of all….you must believe it to receive it……and you must have a passion in what you believe and hold onto to your belief and don’t let anybody cause you to give up your dreams!”

“Remember hold onto your beliefs and keep YOUR dreams alive by acting on them and it will be hard at first… but don’t give up!” ~ Valerie J Brown


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