Earn While You Learn by Valerie Cheers Brown

We are extremely rich, yet we don’t know it. – Valerie Cheers Brown 

Have you ever dreamed about traveling the world?

It got me thinking about the things we have to overcome to travel to the places we want to go. 

So, let’s go crazy!  

Do you believe generosity can make you richer?

Who is the most generous person you know?

This verse sums it up nicely: “You will be made rich in every way so that you can be generous in every way. Such generosity produces thanksgiving to God through us.” (2 Corinthians 9:11)

Generosity will be the main goal here:

Just to clear up, by liberality I don’t mean adding to your children’s school finances or giving truly decent wedding endowments. Helping your children and companions is an incredible approach to utilize cash, yet for our motivations liberality alludes to helping causes greater than the general population nearest to you, for example, philanthropy.

So by what method can giving away make you wealthier? In ancient times being famous with a reputation brought about notoriety which was considered a big achievement. Be that as it may, there are a lot of different reasons why being giving and liberal by sharing can expand your riches:

  • Generosity mirrors a legitimate demeanor about where cash originates from.
  • Generosity is a piece of what giving is for.
  • Generosity is the best long haul inspiration for enhancing your monetary propensities.
  • Generosity is a propensity for the rich at heart

Appreciation. When we understand the amount we’ve been given that we don’t merit, we’ll need to impart to others. Whether it’s your insight, gifts, family foundation, or openings, you’ve gotten some sort of preferred standpoint you didn’t acquire for yourself. The way that you’re perusing a blog implies you won the lottery of life–because you’re educated, have admittance to a PC, and are accomplishing something other than hunting down your next supper. These unmerited benefits ought to consistently lead into thankful providing for the individuals who weren’t naturally introduced to a similar shelter.

Under the thankful way to deal with liberality, individuals don’t feel denied on the off chance that they pass on purchasing new garments or eating at an eatery. Rather they feel appreciative for all they have, and for the chance to impart God-offered assets to those in need. When we consider the amount of the world lives in profound neediness and bad form , it’s unmistakable we can’t manage the cost of not to give. It’s the main normal reaction.

Reason. Generosity gets the master plan of cash’s motivation: to address issues, now and later on, for yourself as well as other people. On the off chance that we disregard others, we’ll blow up our ledgers rather than our ways of life and pass up a major opportunity for quite a bit of life’s significance. Certifiable fund is not The Game of Life. The individual with the most toward the end doesn’t win; the closefisted may “lose everything.”

Generosity is one of the most ideal approaches to mastermind usefulness rather than your way of life. Helping other people is reviving, as the saying calls attention to. It associates us with mankind and helps us encounter a lot of being human: to transcend survival impulses and give up for others.

Inspiration. Great budgetary propensities are managed through strong inspiration. Attempting to live economically out of blame or in light of the fact that it’s the “correct thing to do” just affects resistance. (Ever begun an insane eating regimen or sworn you’d never swear again? To what extent did that last?) Without the correct inspiration individuals feel denied and offer into the allurement to over-spend. At the point when my cash is for me, it’s less demanding to legitimize doing whatever feels great at the time. Then again, generosity makes an enduring, commendable explanation behind testing your spending and opposing way of life expansion.

I realize that you don’t have to be wealthy to be rich and to give away and to be generous is what rich feels like!

Being rich is having the freedom to be who you were intended to be by God who gives each of us a talent and wants you to be and do and not be afraid of what others may think because you are different, able and free to speak on and about what you feel and be willing to share and give away this talent only received from God!  


Camel in The Tent by Valerie Cheers Brown


An old story tells of a camel that wanted to put his nose inside the tent one night. He asked his master for permission, telling him that it was cold and stormy outside. The master agreed, and went back to sleep. A little later, the man awakened to find the camel’s head and neck had followed his nose into the tent. The camel was moving his head from side to side. He asked permission this time to put his forelegs in the tent so he could stand more comfortably. Soon, he asked to move into the tent completely so the flap could close. At each request, the man said, “Yes,” and moved to make room. Once the camel was in the tent, the man went back to sleep. The next time he awakened, he was outside in the storm and the camel had the tent to itself.

Progressively, we have given our government energy to permit added substances to enter our drinking water. Bit by bit, we have watched them make remittance for contaminants and microorganisms. To what extent until the camel is totally in the tent?


Good water quality and its importance is a topic that needs more attention than it is getting. If you are an adult, your body is losing about 10 glasses of water daily. That water must be replaced, but thought should be taken as to what is used to replace the loss.