I Never Gave Up by Valerie Cheers Brown

Won’t you please click and share the Design by Val Go Green Backpack Project?


I feel so very deeply about this project mostly because I don’t want to see other children have to live their lives full of nerve pain due to degenerative disease as myself and many others born in the 1950’s.

If not carrying anything properly, wearing the wrong shoes (cushioned instep sole, supporting ankle and calf), not walking or sitting properly; protecting that spine which will eventually have lifetime problems when not taken care of.

This is why I came up with the idea of this Design by Val Go Green Backpack and researched and found an invention which was used for the soldiers during the Civil War.

Clinton W. Baxter was the inventor and this knapsack which was used for a multitude of things, i.e. pillow, but what I loved about this knapsack is was made to protect the soldier’s posture for long lengths of time standing, walking, etc.

I am working effortlessly to get this backpack to become an actual product and it seems when it has come to this backpack I have had the hardest time raising funds.

You see, I at the present am living on fixed income and am very blessed to be getting this, but it leaves me no room to invest in myself and no matter how hard I have prayed and tried, it just doesn’t seem to be working.

I have tried different ways, but God gave to me this way!

This does not mean I am going to give up on my vision of this backpack but it does mean that I have to let you know how much this product would mean to become an actual product to me!

I have come to the realization that if I get shares that this backpack has a chance of becoming a real product. I am praying that you like this campaign so much that you also want to be a part of and help me to make my vision come true and to become an actual product for our children.

I thank you in advance and when I believe and have faith God gives to me courage, patience, and endurance and this has been an idea for a very long time,  yet I believe!

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