What Do You Do When the Pharmaceutical Industry is the Criminal? by Valerie Cheers Brown

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Isn’t is quite baffling but when you actually think about it, no pun intended, the Pharmaceutical Industry is a modern day organized crime drug cartel in the United States of America and the American public of people are accomplices hurting them own selves?

But the good thing is in the United States of America we are free to be free thinkers where we have a choice to take our own lives into our hands.

But you CAN take control of your health, and you can typically do so without¬†…





Willpower To Your Health by Valerie Cheers Brown

I got an interesting article by Kelly Brogan MD – Holistic Psychiatrist, ” Tapering Psych Meds: The New Awakening.”



Kelly Brogan MD – Holistic Psychiatrist, no mystery when God is part of the plan! I found getting off of all medications a plan ( no matter what kinds) and not difficult but the hardest part was giving it totally over to God and not taking the illnesses back and claiming a healing! This is when I was free to be me and then begin to help others! Once I realized that the only way for me to live medication free was to give my life to God and not let the disease rule my life. Once I determined that the side effects were worse than my original reason for taking prescription medications, no mystery when God was part of the plan and gave it all over to Him! He showed me that He loved me and most of all that I had to love me first to beat this for it to work! God gave me strength where I did not know I had! The easiest was believing in His healing and when I began to drink the Kangen water He sent to me and then started researching His natural green foods and plants and He showed me that the body would heal all by itself if I allowed Him to help fix the inside and this is when I learned to manage the outside and even more learned how to manage pain and not let it manage my life and share with others. – Valerie Cheers Brown